3 Intrinsic Advantages of a PMP®  Prep Boot Camp

PMP Bootcamp Whiteboard
PMP Bootcamp Whiteboard


Every person has a different learning style that works best for them. Some are autodidacts and can teach themselves without anyone’s direct help.

Yet statistically, most students learn best in a group environment. Nothing quite replaces the live classroom.

For PMP® Prep, there is a required 35 contact hour certificate to qualify for the examination. While you can do this online, in a boot camp, or blended online and live training, many opt for the boot camp because it is one focused week of learning.

3 intrinsic advantages students find in a PMP® Prep Boot Camp:

1. It packs all the learning into a narrow window of time. The Boot camp also prepares you for the long, 4 hours spent taking the actual PMP® exam. After going through a Boot camp, many get acclimated to the intensity and pace of PMP® testing.

2. Excellent instructors; choose who teaches you carefully of course, because this is a key advantage for you. Look for instructors who are long time practitioners of PMP® , coming from real world experience instead of theory.

PMP® is one of the few places you can learn directly from peers, who know how and why to deliver your training so you get the best results. Nothing replaces a good teacher in a live classroom, in terms of retaining and being able to apply your knowledge to the actual PMP® exam..

3. The PMP® Prep Boot camp is a smart choice to do ,if you take the test immediately after the Boot camp. This helps in two ways, giving you a schedule with your Boot camp and exam clearly scheduled in a short time frame.

Your mind is also fresh and filled with detailed information, which if applied closely after the Bootcamp can help improve chances for passing.

Boot Camp or Not? It’s  Your Choice….

A certain percentage of people will train themselves using books and videos. If you are able to learn independently, and keep to your schedules, a PMP® Boot camp may not be needed.

Still a book cannot share immediate experience and answer questions like a good instructor.

The reason PMP® Boot camps are so popular is also because most people like to learn in a social situation, with peers influencing and helping them grow. Combine that with good classroom instruction, and you can see why so many choose this option. It’s the one most are familiar with in their education.

In recent years, a blended mix of online prep with videos, leading to shorter live classes (like over a weekend) have become popular. This blend combines the effectiveness of live training in a shorter time frame, driven by online prep.

If you can do the online prep, you can shorten the time you spend in a live classroom, turning a 4-5 day Boot camp into a 2 day weekend intensive.

While there are many options to a Boot camp, this is still one of the most popular ways to train because people are accustomed to this type of learning, and with a quality instructor the value of the Boot camp to your success is amplified.

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