Is the PMP®  IT Certification worthwhile for IT professionals?

PMP Exam Prep


More than many professions, those in IT know it’s all about project experience. While study and certification are crucial to developing and validating core career capabilities, isn’t experience enough?

If you asked that answer to an IT professional, they might agree, but it’s those looking to hire who use PMP® Certification as one of the central requirements.

It makes sense when you understand that the PMP® Certification is:

1. Created to test your ability to swiftly sum up a situation and analyze it, problem solve, and find the solution that’s good for everyone, from stakeholders down to you.

IT is built on dependencies; just as code has technical dependencies that must be clearly specified, the PMP® Certification exam tests the ability to understand the impact of a decision on the whole business.

2. Based on a problem-solution focus making PMP® Certification a trusted measure of project management capability, combined with experience. You can’t have one without the other in IT.

3. Designed to show your knowledge applied with critical thinking on the actual test. By passing, you show that you know how to apply PMI® processes to test scenarios that are likely not directly related to what you do at work. You are showing the ability to solve problems in a simulation.

4. Not finished after you pass. You are expected to keep your project management skills up to date. Passing the test is the first step to ongoing, project management training.

Project Manager is the one of the top 10 paid positions, and the 4th leading job placement opportunity.

Passing shows that you’ve applied your knowledge with a deadline and without knowing the exact questions being asked beforehand.

Sounds much like a career in IT, doesn’t it?

Take advantage of PMP® Certification to improve your project management skills and knowledge, while adding an important certification that shows you know what to do, and will continue to keep your knowledge current as a Project Manager.

While experience may open the door, PMP® Certification for IT professionals validates that you know what you’re doing as a project management professional. Beyond worthwhile, for many companies this is part of the evaluation process for new and internal employees looking for promotion.

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