Components of Our Traditional PMP® Prep Training Class

  • Assistance will be provided to students before the class begins to answer questions on their PMP® applications.
  • The instructor will also be available to students after class has ended to answer questions on practice test questions, or class materials. This will be handled either through a special LinkedIn group so all students can see questions and the responses, or through emails to the class.  
  • Each student will be provided:
    • A student manual with copies of all slides, and exercises and quizzes.  (The manual is currently a bound 392-page book.)
    • A “Key Input, Tools-Techniques, Outputs” document. (Many students have remarked this was one of their most useful documents for preparing for the exam.)
    • A “Key Equation Sheet” (“Brain Dump” Sheet)
    • A three-month license to the web-based tests.
    • 60-day access to our “Moodle LMS” virtual training website. This contains videos of all course materials covered in our four-day classes. We have recorded YouTube videos for all 476 slides used in the class. This comprises more than 35 hours of recorded video, more than 750 quiz questions, and more than 500 flash cards. The videos can be viewed – (or listened to) – on laptops or smartphones.  Students will be able to quickly navigate to specific presentations on processes in knowledge areas, and other course materials. Additionally, we are using a “Khan Academy” style approach, and the videos and audio presentations have been modularized to be 7-10 minute segments, and after every two to three segments, a short quiz is provided that covers the materials in the preceding segments.
      • We have created MP3 Audio summaries of all the Knowledge Areas and sections for the course. Most of the summaries are 50 minutes to 1 hour in length. Students can listen to these on their smart phone.
    • Optional – A copy of Version Six of PMBOK® Guide along with the new Agile Practice Guide®. (Questions on the new exam can come from either book.) The extra cost is typically $49.50 per student. We don’t include this by default, since we would like students to buy a copy 3-4 weeks before class, and read at least the first three chapters.

Pre-requisites for students:

  • Each student will be responsible for completing their applications for the PMP® Prep class with PMI®. Again, Best Practices Team can provide assistance to the students for help with the applications.
  • Students will be responsible for paying for the exam with PMI®, and scheduling the test.

Assumptions – (for Onsite Training at Company Offices):
The following will be provided in the training room:

  • Meeting or training room that will be adequate for the number of students. (If an off-site training facility is preferred, we can certainly make those arrangements. That will typically add $1,200 – $1,500 to the total price.)
  • Projector screen or LCD screen
  • Flip chart and easel
  • Coffee, snacks and water for students?
  • Students are on their own for lunch
  • Class will start at 8:30AM in the morning, and end at approximately 5:30PM most days.  Alternatively, we can start class at 8:00AM, and go to 5:00PM, if preferred.
  • The room will be available for the instructor to set up at least 30 minutes before the start of class.

Pricing for Traditional Classroom Training:
The pricing for corporate classes is as follows:

  • For 4 students – $1,400 per student
  • For 5 to 9 students – $1,300 per student
  • For 10 or more students – $1,200 per student
  • (If needed, instructor travel costs are additional – airfare, hotel, meals, taxi or rental car for four days. This is usually between $1,200 and $1,400.) For any training in the Baltimore-Washington area, this will not be needed.

Normal Schedule for the Four-Day Traditional “Bootcamp” –  (If a five day schedule is preferred for an onsite corporate class, we will modify the schedule, and provide a five-day class at the same pricing,  Travel expenses and off-site training room expenses – if either is needed – will be higher with this option.) The four-day class provides 28 contact hours for the classroom training – (7 hours for each day). The remaining 7 contact hours needed for the PMP® Prep application can be earned by completing work on the Moodle LMS website – (e.g. by listening to the MP3 Summary audio reviews of KAs and sections). The five-day class provides all 35 contact hours needed for the application.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Introductions Review Day 1 Review Day 2 Review Day 3
Exam Strategy Scope Management Cost Management Risk Management
Foundational Concepts Lunch Earned Value Lunch
Lunch Time Management Earned Value Exercises Procurement Management
Integration Management Network Diagramming Lunch Stakeholder Management & Communications Management
Network Diagramming Exercises Quality Management
Resource Management Final Review

Guarantee for Traditional Classroom Training:

After attending any of our four-day PMP® Prep Classes (or a five-day class), if you score 75% or better on your most recent Mock Lite tests[1], and if you take the PMP® certification exam within thirty days of finishing the class and do not pass, we will:

  • Pay the $275 fee for PMI® members to retake the test. (We highly recommend you join PMI® before paying for the exam. PMI® will reduce the rate from $555 non-member rate to $405, and this covers almost exactly the cost of one year’s membership in PMI®.)
  • Allow you to attend a second class (or portion of class) at no additional charge. Also, continued access to the virtual training modules will be provided.
  • Prepare a personalized study plan for your second attempt.

If you attempt the exam a second time within another thirty days, and do not pass, we will either refund all costs of your training minus the $275 second exam fee, or again, offer the same extension of training options described above:

  • Pay the $275 fee for PMI® members to retake the test.  
  • Allow you to attend a second class (or portion of class) at no additional charge. Also, continued access to the virtual training modules will be provided.
  • We will update the study plan previously provided, and also provide 1:1 phone consulting to discuss the study plan.

[1]  We ask that you take at least four of the 50 question Mock Lite tests we provide as part of the program within two weeks of finishing the class. (This is very important! Students often say they learned more from the mistakes made taking the Mock Lite test than from the questions they got correct!)  If you are scoring 75% or better on these ‘Mock Lite Tests,’ you are ready! (This assumes you’ve also memorized the “Process Matrix” and the equations on the “Formula sheet.”) If so, please schedule the test as soon as possible. If not, contact us, and we will put together a study plan so that you can reach the needed level of proficiency on the Mock Lite tests.)