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Best Practices Team provides a substantial amount of free information, to encourage and stimulate professional Project Managers on their path towards certification.

The Introduction and Exam strategies section is offered as a free sample of what you can expect in the sections of professional training for preparation for the PMP Exam.


PMP Training – Keep it Simple and Get It Done

The Best Practices Team goal is to dramatically reduce the grinding nature of traditional PMP Prep training, by combining excellent virtual training with tested, live classroom training.

  • You get training videos in 12 to 15 minute segments, with quizzes for each segment. (This comprises over 25 hours of video training.)
  • You gain pre-class virtual training modules, so you hit the ground running when you arrive.
  • Recorded audio for all slides used in our four-day class are here.
  • You can listen to training segments in your car, on your Smartphone or iPad.
  • You can also watch the videos on your smartphone, or at home on your laptop or smart TV
  • Now you have the opportunity to easily navigate to desired segments of the class to repeat the training as many times as you wish.
  • We also provide access with all the videos, quizzes, audios and exam simulation as core elements of the four day class.
  • An expert PMP instructor is just an email away for students who have questions regarding specific topic material.

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Free PMP Prep Training with 6 videos

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