What are the PMP®  Certification Benefits?

The PMP® certification benefits are essential for career growth. Among these are:

  • It is, by far, the most important certification for Project Management today. As of Summer of 2016, there are now more than 720,000 PMP® certified project managers worldwide!


  • The Federal government has standardized on the PMP® , and requires this certification for most of their project managers and program managers.


  • Also, the Federal government requires the PMP® certification for most contract project managers – (working on Federal contracts).


  • Therefore, for a consulting firm, having PMP® certified project managers may help the company win business. Their certified project managers are valuable resources.


  • Students studying to pass the PMP® are exposed to mainstream concepts, standards and processes that apply to all projects. Most students studying to pass the PMP® have their eyes opened to whole new areas, and come away with a much deeper appreciation of core processes and techniques that are required for successful project management.


  • Recent salary surveys indicate project managers with the PMP® certification are paid 10% more than PMs without it


  • In today’s economy, having the PMP® certification is often a necessary requirement to get to the first level of interviews for project management positions. This is especially true in the Washington, DC area.
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